Detail Dental Kids Offers Sedation Dentistry

One of Detail Dental Kids’ top priorities is ensuring our patients are comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. Sometimes, this means utilizing pediatric dental anesthesia to help ease anxiety and manage pain. But with so many different types of anesthesia available, it can be challenging for parents to understand which one might be the best fit for their child.

At Detail Dental Kids we offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, inhaled through the nose as an ideal form of sedation to relieve dental anxiety for most of our more fearful patients. However, sometimes nitrous oxide may not be enough. Perhaps your child has special needs, is more fearful than most, or maybe the procedure they are receiving more extensive than usual, and it has both you and them worried or scared. In those instances Dental Dental Kids offers IV sedation as another type of pediatric dental anesthesia that can be used to help manage more severe anxiety and pain or discomfort in young dental patients.

IV sedation involves administering sedative medications directly into the patient’s bloodstream via an intravenous (IV) line and is suitable in instances where patients need a little more help in managing stress and dental anxiety. As mentioned, IV sedation is typically used for more complex procedures that require a deeper level of sedation than nitrous oxide or even oral sedation can provide. It can also be helpful for patients who have a strong fear of dental procedures, as it can provide a greater sense of ease and comfort. Another benefit of IV sedation is that, unlike oral sedation, it takes effect quickly, allowing the dentist to begin the procedure sooner. It also allows for a higher degree of control over the level of sedation, as the medication can be adjusted throughout the procedure as needed.

It is important to know that like any form of anesthesia, there are potential risks and side effects associated with IV sedation. These can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and a slower than normal heart rate. For this reason, Detail Dental Kids has proudly partnered with Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates (PDAA), and their board-certified anesthesiologists to work alongside Dr. Toni-Marie Small to offer IV sedation for our patients.

Through PDAA, we have a higher degree of control over the level of patient sedation which allows Dr. Toni to focus solely on performing the required dental procedure. This collaborative approach ensures that our young patients receive the highest level of care possible during their dental visit. What’s more, we can better ensure the safety and comfort of our patients during these procedures by monitoring them closely both during and after their dental procedure.

So now you know IV sedation is a useful tool for managing anxiety and pain in young dental patients during complex procedures and the potential risks and side effects will be carefully reviewed with parents before any procedure. Most importantly, here at Detail Dental Kids, it is only ever administered by a qualified anesthesiologist working alongside our pediatric dentist, Dr. Toni.