Airway Evaluation

Airway Evaluation

At Detail Dental Kids, your child's well-being is in expert hands with our experienced and highly-qualified team, starting with a comprehensive assessment.

As a parent, you seek nothing but the utmost care for your child, particularly when it comes to their health. It is with this in mind that Detail Dental Kids now offers Airway Dentistry.

Airway dentistry focuses on the oral and maxillofacial causes and consequences of maladaptive breathing and oral dysfunction. Airway and craniofacial formation are related to each other during growth and development. An altered airway and pattern of breathing can change the posture and function of the jaws, tongue, and head leading to malocclusion and sleep-related breathing disorders.

Every child at Detail Dental KIDS is screened for sleep-disordered breathing risks and symptoms.

Detail Dental Kids is here to help.

With extensive airway dentistry-specific training and dedication to the science and foundation of craniofacial development, Dr. Sara leads the airway focused dentistry program at Detail Dental KIDS. And while she is a respected and familiar figure within our practice, her ongoing status as a Diplomat of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, completion of the first university based pediatric sleep dental program, Certifications as a Dentist-Qualified Oral Myologist, and Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Care empowers her to provide patients with a comprehensive approach that addresses their dental needs and their airway health.
Dr. Sara is passionate about providing exceptional dental care for children. Through extensive and ongoing training and research in orofacial myofunctional therapy, she has in-depth knowledge and expertise in evaluating and treating various oral and facial muscle dysfunctions that can impact your child’s airway health. Dr. Sara utilizes techniques and advanced imaging technology, such as CBCT and specialized Oral Radiologist to assess your child’s upper respiratory tract for areas of compromise that may impact how your child is growing. This detailed understanding of your child’s airway anatomy allows a more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for issues that can improve breathing, sleep quality, or other potential airway-related issues.

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Take the first step toward optimizing your child’s airway function and overall well-being. Together, we can pave the way for a lifetime of vibrant, healthy smiles.

Treatment Planning & Referrals

At Detail Dental Kids, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional care for myofunctional issues through the development and implementation of personalized treatment plans.

Upon evaluation, Dr. Sara will guide the treatment planning process to ensure your child’s well-being. At her direction, our myofunctional therapists will develop a comprehensive care plan tailored to your child’s specific needs, including collaboration with other healthcare providers, ENT specialists, and sleep study centers as necessary.

At Detail Dental Kids, we are committed to providing a child-friendly and comfortable environment, ensuring that your child feels safe and at ease during their airway evaluation and subsequent treatment. We strive to create a positive and educational experience for both you and your child, empowering you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to make informed decisions about their dental and airway health.

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Take the first step toward optimizing your child’s airway function and overall well-being. Together, we can pave the way for a lifetime of vibrant, healthy smiles.

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