Arch Development

Arch Development

Healthy growth for Optimal Airway Function

At Detail Dental Kids, comprehensive development of your child’s arches for optimal oral health and facial structure is important. Beyond aesthetics, proper arch development contributes to a well-aligned bite and ideal teeth positioning to provide your child with the foundation for a healthy and functional smile that can positively impact their oral health and overall well-being for life. What’s more, optimal arch development not only promotes proper chewing, speaking, and breathing functions, it can also help reduce the risk of dental issues such as misalignment or crowding.

Equally as important to dentition, your child’s arch development plays a crucial role in airway and breathing function. Properly developed arches allow for adequate space for the tongue and other oral structures, fostering healthy breathing. On the other hand, inadequate arch development can lead to constricted airways, mouth breathing, and issues like snoring or sleep apnea.

By choosing Detail Dental Kids, you are safeguarding your child’s overall health and quality of life and at the same time taking an important step toward ensuring your child’s confident, radiant, and beautiful smile for years to come.

Detail Dental Kids’ Arch Development Treatment Options:

There are many good options for arch development used at Detail Dental Kids, but each individual child and their family’s needs are our priority. Your providers will discuss your child’s individual needs for arch development and help your family determine the most effective way to help your child thrive. Below you can learn a bit more about some of the tools we may prescribe during your child’s treatment.

Invisalign First™

Invisalign First™ treatments utilize clear aligners specifically designed for growing children. This innovative approach guides arch and teeth development through a series of developmental appliances which provide gentle and effective correction of alignment. These devices help correct issues through the child’s developmental years when their teeth and jaws are most malleable allowing the Detail Dental Kids team to position and align the arches and teeth for improved development.

“Invisalign, among others, is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.”


MyoBrace® is a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth, promoting natural growth and development. This innovative system, used by dentists and orthodontists worldwide, involves a series of removable intra-oral appliances designed to address myofunctional problems and help align teeth and jaws. By correcting habits and expanding the arch-form, MyoBrace not only helps create sufficient space for proper tooth eruption, it reduces the need for braces and extraction of healthy teeth, and even opens the palette to improve airway breathing. Learn more about how MyoBrace can benefit your child’s dental development, improve breathing and their overall health at the link here.

Palatal Expanders

For a non-invasive treatment option that expands the arches and creates space for proper teeth alignment, the Detail Dental Kids team may recommend a palatal expander for your child. Palatal expanders work by applying gentle pressure to the upper jaw, gradually widening the arch and stimulating bone growth. This process allows the arches to develop optimally, providing necessary room for the teeth to come in and align correctly. Through this natural expansion, palatal expanders promote improved oral health, optimal airway function, all while helping your child achieve a healthy and harmonious bite. Learn more about palatal expanders on our blog page at the link here.


Protraction is a valuable treatment approach that can significantly contribute to proper arch development for some patients. This treatment method involves applied external pressure via a wearable appliance to help align the upper and lower arches to create a more balanced facial profile. By promoting proper jaw alignment, protraction not only enhances facial aesthetics but also plays a vital role in optimizing oral function and airway health. Through improved position and alignment of the jaw, protraction helps create a more spacious upper airway, for improved breathing and reduced risk of airway-related issues such as snoring or sleep-disordered breathing.

Arch development for optimal airway health & smile.

Schedule an appointment for your child today! At Detail Dental Kids it all starts with a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan tailored to your child’s unique needs.

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