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With a focus on assessing and treating how your child’s mouth and teeth develop, and understanding oral motor function that may cause dysfunction and other airway related issues, we strive to optimize your child’s ability to chew, breathe, and sleep to enhance their overall growth and development. We utilize the latest advanced imaging technology, comprehensive oral development, and upper airway screenings to determine risk factors in the form and function of the oral cavity that may compromise your child’s upper airway development. Dr. Sara Viernes-Chisler works with a network of airway-centric providers to provide the multi-disciplinary team needed to ensure your child has a comprehensive approach to the development of a healthy upper airway. Our practice combines exceptional dental care with a deep understanding of airway health to empower your child with a lifetime of healthy smiles and vibrant lives.

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Dr. Sara Viernes-Chisler is a highly experienced dentist with a deep passion for airway dentistry.

With over 30 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Sara has dedicated her career to treating children and promoting oral health in her community. Her expertise in airway dentistry allows her to address dental, airway, and facial development challenges in a child’s growth and development. She recognizes the importance of a healthy upper airway and its impact on overall health, including eliminating issues such as mouth breathing, teeth grinding, and pediatric sleep apnea.

Dr. Sara’s approach to dentistry is evidence-based, incorporating ongoing research, continuing education, and her vast clinical experience. Her collaborative team includes pediatricians, myofunctional therapists, otolaryngologists, sleep medicine specialists, and you the parent, to establish a comprehensive care plan tailored to your child’s unique needs. Driven by a commitment to educate and inform her patients, Dr. Sara believes in a comprehensive approach to oral health, emphasizing the crucial connection between airway health and a healthy smile. 

Detail Dental Kids - Improving your Child's Airway Health Through:

Through oral airway evaluation and early diagnosis, Dr. Sara and the Detail Dental Kids team work closely with families just like these to develop personalized treatment plans to promote healthy jaw and airway development for optimal long-term outcomes.

How Detail Dental Kids improves childrens' airway health.

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