No Fear Dentistry

At Detail Dental Kids, there's nothing to fear!

Good oral hygiene habits are formed at an early age, so it’s important your child’s view of the dentist is also established in the correct light. Our staff understands that some children are uncomfortable around the unfamiliar. That’s why we work hard to put them at ease. Our warm, inviting and friendly staff use age-appropriate, positive terminology to walk them through the procedures they are to receive to bolster their confidence during treatment. That said… and just in case, we do have Nitrous Oxide that we might recommend to help ease anxiety if your child is undergoing extensive or difficult treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide inhaled through the nose is one of the mildest categories of sedation. Patients describe it as a tingling in their toes and fingers, or maybe just an overall sense of relaxation although they will continue to be awake and alert. Once inhalation is discontinued the effects usually end within seconds.

Nitrous oxide sedation carries few if any side effects and produces no known allergic response. For these reasons, it makes a nearly ideal form of anxiety relief in the contemporary dental office. Depending on your child’s specific treatment, our dentists may suggest nitrous oxide.