Dr. Kyle A. Harrison

Dr. Kyle Harrison grew up in Crawfordsville, IN, always enjoying his trips to the dentist – especially how clean his teeth felt after every appointment! His fondest memory is how the office was such a happy place, and everyone so nice and welcoming. It was those impressionable visits which first sparked his interest in dentistry.

Dr. Kyle’s enthusiasm for this profession grew during his college years at IU, where he shadowed dental offices, including notably, his childhood dentist. His path of study led him to Indiana University School of Dentistry, where he graduated in 2019. Dr. Kyle then continued on to do a one-year residency at prestigious Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago for additional training, including caring for special needs patients and OR dentistry.

After completing the residency at the end of June 2020, Dr. Kyle joined Detail Dental Kids where he hopes to inspire the same excitement in his pediatric patients that his own childhood experiences at the dentist had done for him!